Built for life,
built with vision

Body-Solid, for anyone’s BODY and with the right FOCUS on training and appropriate equipment.

Body-Solid offers customized programs and solutions for home use and can give advice for the placement of the appliances at home. The Body-Solid home gyms are adapted the fitness level, the objectives and to length of the home fitness athlete.

Fitness centers, companies, schools and other organizations can also choose from a wide variety of Body-Solid products. Next to our expertise to install fitness areas in such a way that fitness enthusiasts can train and . We build products and follow strict quality guidelines. The Body-Solid gear, accessories and flexible configurations have an excellent value for money.

Our expert Body-Solid employees will do everything to develop an proposal for everyone's body and for everyone's budget. They will do their utmost to work out the most effective and efficient layout and work closely with yourself, your company, organization or institution. Body-Solid has all the expertise in house: from solid equipment, flexible assemblies to the right accessories that perfectly meet all your needs. This combined with important focus points, such as the excellent price and quality ratio of the Body-Solid products, will result in a sustainable investment.

The Body-Solid products are designed to meet your size, your fitness level, your goals and your environment. In short: we focus on your body and your budget!

Body-Solid SPR1000 compleet Power Rack