From home gym
to a sports studio

The Body-Solid products are designed to meet your size, your fitness level, your goals and your environment.

Body-Solid has adapted programs and solutions for every situation. From excellent and efficient equipment for a gym at home, to a sports studio where hundreds of athletes -youth, pupils and students, experienced sportsmen and seniors- who want to keep their condition tip top, can exercise: Body-Solid has the expertise.

Our expert Body-Solid employees will do everything to develop a tailor made proposal for everyone's budget* and to everyone's body*. They will do their utmost to design the most effective and efficient sport facility and will work closely with you, your company, organization or institution. Body-Solid has all the expertise in house: from solid equipment, flexible assemblies to the correct accessories that will perfectly meet all your needs, while at the same time will offer excellent value and quality which will result in a sustainable investment.